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A Complete Portfolio of Herbicides for
Innovative Bareground Control
Effectively Manage Sites Where Total Vegetation Control is Required
Regardless of the industrial vegetation management (IVM) market you serve, Corteva Agriscience™ is ready with a portfolio of solutions to help you effectively manage sites where total vegetation control is required. Solutions led by Cleantraxx® herbicide, the new foundation for total vegetation control, delivering dual modes of action for enhanced weed control and resistance management.

Tank-mixing Delivers Novel, Long-lasting Control
Tank-mixing Cleantraxx with a combination of Milestone®, Opensight® or Spike® 80DF herbicides delivers novel and long-lasting control of tough weeds, grasses and woody species on sites like substations, roadsides, railway and irrigation canals.

Finding Success
Using the Corteva Agriscience™ Portfolio

Suggested Tank Mixes
Novel Control of Weeds, Grasses and Woody Species
Maintain Novel Control
Maintaining a consistent rotation of herbicide tank mixes that feature unique modes of action fights weed resistance while extending the life of today’s effective bareground products. Tank mixing Cleantraxx with Milestone, Opensight or Spike 80DF delivers effective new solutions to serve as the foundation of a bareground program. In addition, each works as a valuable addition to current program mixes as a means to introduce new and effective modes of action.
Suggested tank mix (per acre)
Recommended application sites
4 pts of Cleantraxx® herbicide
+ 7 oz. of Milestone® specialty herbicide
For use sites near sensitive areas where resistance is a concern.
Available through Continuum® Prescription Control & Container Management System.
2 to 3 pts of Cleantraxx
+ 3.3 oz. of Opensight®specialty herbicide
+ 20 oz. of Spike® 80DF specialty herbicide
For use sites needing broad-spectrum control and where resistance is a concern. Controls broadleaf weeds, kochia and annual grasses.
2 to 3 pts of Cleantraxx
+ 7 oz. of Milestone
+ 20 oz. of Spike 80DF
For use sites needing broad-spectrum control and where resistance is a concern. Controls broadleaf weeds, kochia and annual grasses.
For more tailored recommendations, contact your Corteva Agriscience™ territory manager.

Additional Solutions
Build Your Bareground Around Our Solutions
For bareground applications where postemergence control is needed on certain species, Corteva Agriscience™ also offers Accord® XRTII herbicide and Freelexx® herbicide as approved tank-mix partners.
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