Quelex ® herbicide controls tough weeds and keeps rotation options open

Quelex® wheat herbicide with new active ingredient Arylex™ active provides advanced broadleaf weed control, including weeds resistant to ALS and glyphosate. And Quelex doesn’t limit your crop rotation options, giving you maximum flexibility. It’s a powerful combination no other wheat herbicide can offer.

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Versatility in weed control

Kansas retailer shares why he recommends Quelex® herbicide to his customers.

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Test strip results

Oklahoma wheat farmer compares Quelex® herbicide with an untreated check.

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New active controls weeds

Heinen Bros. manager explains the importance of a new chemistry in wheat.

The strength to control tough weeds

Weeds Controlled

buckwheat, wild

horseweed (marestail)

canola, volunteer 2

lambsquarters, common

catchweed bedstraw (cleavers)

London rocket

chamomile, corn

mustard, black

chamomile, false (scentless)

mustard, blue (purple)

chamomile, mayweed (dogfennel)

mustard, tansy

chamomile, wild

mustard, treacke (bushy wallflower)

chickweed, common

mustard, tumble (Jim Hill)


mustard, wild

flax, volunteer

pennycress, field


pigweed, redroot

geranium, Carolina


hemp-nettle, common

smartweed (green, ladysthumb, Pennsylvania)


vetch, hairy

Weeds Suppressed 1

bindweed, field



lettuce, prickly

sowthistle, annual

sowthistle, perennial

sunflower, common

thistle, Canada

The flexibility to keep your rotation options open

Quelex wheat herbicide doesn’t limit your cropping options. It also provides the ability to apply in spring or fall and has activity on weeds in warm and cold. The following are expected rotation intervals following the application of Quelex wheat herbicide.


Rotation Interval*

barley, wheat, triticale
0 months
oat, field corn, cotton, popcorn, seed corn, sugarcane, sweet corn, millet, rye, sorghum, grasses, soybean, sunflower, rice
3 months
canola (fall-seeded)
5 months
alfalfa, camelina, canola (spring-seeded) **, chickpea, dry bean, peas (dry and succulent), flax, mustard, peanut, safflower
9 months
crops not listed
15 months

Quick Facts

  • Includes two modes of action and a new active, Arylex active, to help growers fight weed resistance.

  • Arylex is an effective tool for ALS- and glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weed control.

  • Provides advanced broadleaf weed control of 28 weeds, including chickweed, henbit,  sheperdspurse, mustards, flixweed, pigweed, lambsquarters, geranium and marestail.

  • Offers growers clean wheat fields without sacrificing crop rotation flexibility.

  • Delivers a superior three-month crop rotation interval to soybeans, cotton and field corn.

  • Consistent broadleaf weed control across variable climate conditions (cold and dry conditions) allows for flexibility of application.

  • Has a favorable environmental and toxicological profile.

  • Application rate: 0.75 oz./A

  • Application timing: from two-leaf to flag leaf emergence stage to actively growing wheat (including spring, winter and durum), barley and triticale.

  • For best results, apply when weeds are growing in the two- to four-leaf stage or less than 4 inches tall.

  • Efficacy is optimized when sprayed with an adjuvant.

  • Preharvest Interval: Do not apply within 60 days of crop harvest.

  • Do not apply more than 0.75 ounces of Quelex ® wheat herbicide per acre  per growing season.

  • Livestock may be grazed on treated crops seven days following application.

  • Do not apply fewer than 21 days before cutting of hay.