When you start strong, you cover more ground.

When you start strong, you cover more ground.

Steve Crouch, a crops manager from Rushford, Minn., has seen some of his highest corn yields while using SureStart II herbicide.

SureStart® II herbicide provides dependable, broad-spectrum control of more than 60 difficult-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds, including herbicide resistant weeds. Proven to perform under heavy weed pressure, SureStart II contains three modes of actions to control weeds three ways.

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SureStart II herbicide provides effective, flexible weed control – Stan Metzger, Illinois

Control herbicide-resistant weeds with SureStart II herbicide – Jimmy Daniels, Missouri

Control weeds early in the season with SureStart II herbicide – Ben Moye, Illinois

Quick Facts

  • Fits your busy schedule – Delays happen. Fortunately, SureStart II offers the flexibility to spray corn from preplant to early postemergence, helping overcome the unexpected.

  • Proven to perform – SureStart II protects yield potential by providing dependable control of more than 60 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including marestail, common and giant ragweed, waterhemp, pigweed, and glyphosate-, triazine- and ALS-resistant weeds.

  • Effectively manage resistance – SureStart II contains three, non-glyphosate modes of action to control weeds three ways, giving corn the clean start it needs.

  • Program options – Used as a powerful one- or two-pass weed control program.

  • Long-lasting residual control – Protects against emerging weeds for up to six weeks, provides a wide window for post-emergent herbicide applications.

  • Consistent broadleaf weed control across variable climate conditions (cold and dry conditions) allows for flexibility of application.

  • Flexibilty to spray weeds up to 11-inch corn.

Application flexibility adds value. Weather, equipment and scheduling can cause timely delays. SureStart II herbicide can be applied from preplant through early postmergence, providing growers with the flexibility to overcome the unexpected. Surestart II is tank mix compatible with glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D and other commonly-used herbicides (refer to label for complete list). SureStart II doesn't contain atrazine so it's ideal for use in atrazine-restricted areas, and can be used in one- or two-pass weed control programs.

Unexpected application delay? No problem. SureStart® II herbicide has you covered.

According to university research, using a two-pass weed control program with SureStart® II followed by glyphosate can provide an average of 7 percent additional yield per acre when compared with glyphosate alone. SureStart II controls early season weeds that compete for sun, water and nutrients. Up to six weeks of residual control maximizes glyphosate spray window and improves effectiveness of post spray application made on smaller, easier-to-control weeds.

Rotational Crop1

Timing or Interval

Anytime - 0 months after application


4 months after application
alfalfa2, barley, clover2, dry beans2, 3, lespedeza2, oats, pea4, popcorn, rye, soybean2, vetch2, wild rice

Spring following application
12 months
potatoes, sunflower, sweet corn5, tobacco
18 months
canola, sugar beets, and all other crops
26 months6

Control tough weeds before they get started.


amaranth, Palmer

beggarweed, Florida

buckwheat, wild


chickweed, common

clover, red

cocklebur, common



horseweed (marestail)




lambsquarters, common

mallow, Venice

morningglory, Ivyleaf

morningglory, tall

mustard, wild

nightshade species

pigweed redroot

pigweed, smooth

poinsettia, wild


purslane, common

pusley, Florida

ragweed, common

ragweed, giant

shepherd's purse


sida, prickly

smartweed, Pennsylvania

spurge, nodding

spurge, prostrate

spurge, spotted

sunflower, common

thistle, Canada1


waterhemp species

wormwood, biennial

Grasses and Sedges


crabgrass species


cupgrass, prairie

cupgrass, southwestern

cupgrass, woolly

foxtail, bristly

foxtail, giant

foxtail, green

foxtail, robust (purple, white)

foxtail, yellow


johnsongrass, seedling

millet, foxtail

millet, wild proso

nutsedge, yellow

panicum, browntop

panicum, fall

panicum, Texas

rice, red

sandbur, field


signalgrass, broadleaf

sprangletop, red