Sell The Sentricon® System

What does it take the sell the Sentricon® system? Less than 4% of pest control companies in the United States are Certified Sentricon Specialists®. This distinction means they've been trained extensively to sell and service Sentricon.


Pest control — and especially termite control — is a growing industry. With more than 19,000 professional pest management (PMP) companies to choose from, how do homeowners find a PMP company they can trust to be experts? Easy. They call a Certified Sentricon Specialist.

To maintain the Sentricon system, Certified Sentricon Specialists are required by Corteva Agriscience to frequently undergo comprehensive training and to pass an annual service excellence review.

Criteria for authorization consideration requires a demonstrated record of business success plus factors that include:

  • Adherence to stewardship and service quality standards
  • Established financial stability
  • Ongoing training
  • Direct purchase relationship with Corteva Agriscience
  • Specific software
Are you one of the country’s top-performing pest management professionals? Then we want to hear from you. The Corteva Agriscience representative in your region can help you on the way to becoming a Certified Sentricon Specialist.