Wanna see a termite corpse riding on the roof doing 70?

Keep an eye out for the Sentricon® System Deader Than Dead Tour. We’re hitting the road on a cross-country mission to support efforts in helping homeowners give termites the heave-ho. Whether you see us up ahead, pass by or creep up in your rearview mirror, you can rest assured the No. 1 brand in termite protection will be there putting termites in their place and keeping them there.


Don't see the Coroner's Caddy coming through your town?
Don't worry. You can still find out if you have to worry about termites.

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How much do homeowners really know about termites?

Watch as we quiz our homeowners on how much they really know about termites.

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OK, the Coroner’s Caddy isn’t exactly stealthy.

That said, we were quiet long enough to record some great stories from the road.

Restoring this priest’s faith in termite protection

Father Todd, Connecticut

Thriving in termite country

Fred, Tennessee

Termite insurance against future infestation

Linda, South Carolina

Providing a sanctuary with Sentricon® system

Jeff, Oklahoma

Safeguarding against further disaster

Betty, Texas

Termites can no longer terrorize Florida vacation home

Blain, Florida

Find peace of mind with termite protection

Paul, South Carolina

Get a solution that’s working 24/7 — just like termites do

Debbie, Louisiana

Protect your historic home for another 100+ years

Stacy, Alabama

Be confident in your termite solution choice

Mack, Texas

Eliminate termites and stay protected from future colonies

Jordan, Kansas

Maximize the return on your home for when it’s time to sell

Melanie, Ohio

Termite 101 (pay attention — we may quiz you when we get there.)

The more you know about these devastating eating machines, the more you’ll want to flag down our Coroner’s Caddy to come over to your house.

DIY Termite Control? More Like DDIY — Don't Do It Yourself

Termites are different than other pests and should be left to the pros

Even the pros know when it’s time to call a professional

Stop treating the symptom and not the problem

The science behind how we got so far ahead.

How We Work Is Why We Work

Once-a-year monitoring was a game changer

Begin the termite elimination process on Day 1

Don’t leave your home as a monitor for termites